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Amarillo Mariposa Reviews


Lauren Fagan, Staff Writer, South Bend Tribune,– June 30, 2005
"OK, so he’s not Indiana Jones and he doesn’t look a bit like Harrison Ford. But David Rudd Wise is from Indiana - - Goshen, specifically - - and hunting for buried treasure is how he spends a lot of his time. Wise has written two mystery-adventure novels drawn from his firsthand experiences, ..."

Writer’s Digest, 12th Annual International Self-Published Book Award
s, April 2000

"Author D. Rudd Wise has created a lasting fictional character in treasurer hunter, Jess E. Hanes. .. a suspenseful read. . . . The physical packaging of the story is excellent..."

Cari McFarland, Bremen, Indiana
". . . excellent book . . .the only real problem I had with it was there did not seem to be a good place to put it down for the night. . . .I am so glad to have found a Christian author that writes well-written, very enjoyable adventure novels. . . I was also wonderfully impressed with the witnessing in the book."

Rich Gotshall, Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis, Indiana
"... Operation: Eyewitness... has an air of authenticity that comes from the author’s long career in the Air Force."

Susan Schulte, Keokuk, Iowa
" . . . well written, fast moving and very interesting. . . .probably put the book in our church library."

Jeffery Marks, Writer’s Digest Self-Publishing Awards Contest, 2004

"I really enjoyed how the book took off with a bang (well, almost literally) and never let up . . . quick action and the fast pace . . . page-turner in the best sense of the word . . . very logical sense of cause and effect . . . . setting added an extra element of suspense to the tense happenings."

Jo Geleske, Wakarusa Public Library, Wakarusa, Indiana
"This Indiana author’s debut novel Operation: Eyewitness includes action and adventure. ....
The characters are well developed and likeable, especially Jess Hanes. His Texas sense of justice and honesty are portrayed in his actions throughout the novel."

Chuck Hernley, retired government publication editor. Goshen, Indiana
"What Jess E. Hanes witnesses and what troubles he finds himself in, will keep the pages turning. If Bogart were still alive, he could play Jess in a movie that would bring old Casablanca back on the screen. The troubles he goes through, getting away from the terrorists, will keep you spellbound!"

Jo Haflich, Syracuse, Indiana
"I give Operation: Eyewitness two thumbs up. It was great and can’t wait for the sequel to get in print. I do think that Mel Gibson or Tom Selleck would make an excellent Jess E. Hanes. I truly liked the way Jess’ faith and the other characters’ faith played such a big part of the story."

Judith Ann Crowe, Elkhart, Indiana
"As an avid reader since childhood, there have been very few writings, ...that have caught my interest from the first page... Operation: Eyewitness is without a doubt, one of these rare finds that held my interest from the introduction... to the last page. D. Rudd Wise has the rare natural talent of making the reader feel like they are just as involved in the lives of the characters as if they are right there when the event is happening. I highly recommend this book as a classic fiction ..."

Ingraham retired U.S. Army, Elkhart, Indiana
"As a former military man who turns to treasure hunting as a passion, Jess E. Hanes in Operation: Eyewitness finds his share of adventure and then some. The twists and turns he follows as a guest of the Moroccan government land him in several very serious situations. As a true to life adventurer he suffers his share of bumps and bruises. This is a very good novel with excellent twists and turns to hold your attention throughout the entire adventure."

Rosemary Anderson, Managing Editor, Western & Eastern Treasures magazine, San Anselmo, California.
"The lone witness of the assassination of a high-ranking government official, he is plunged into an international tangle of drug running, arms smuggling, romantic intrigue, and investigations by Interpol and the CIA. And the page-turning excitement has just begun! The carefully crafted tale has received favorable reviews both for its compelling narrative and appealing central character, and for its straightforward style."

VicToria Freudiger, Editor, Digi-Tall News & Media, Plano, Texas
"In the grand tradition of the classic adventure novel, Operation: Eyewitness shows its readers a true action-packed thriller. The first of a 3-novel-series culminates in an apex of unparalleled adventure and takes the reader all the way home for a grand surprise ending. Bravo to D. Rudd Wise for writing with faith, justice, and spiritual exercise . . ."

The Goshen News, Goshen, IN.
March 16, 2002, Local Today’s Headline, Accent, by Goshen News Accent Editor, Monica Housman.

The Paper, Milford, IN. March 26, 2002, page 2, by Staff Writer Lauren Zeugner.

South Bend Tribune, South Bend, IN.
March 18, 2003: by Tribune Staff Writer, Dori Clemins.
June 30, 2005 by Laureen Fagan, Staff Writer.

WNIT-TV Public Television, Elkhart, Indiana.
Interview host Gwen O’Brien, South Bend Tribune, South Bend, Indiana. February 9, 2003.
Interview host Jamiee Thirion, December 13, 2006 to be aired January 4, 2007.

WKAM 1460 AM, Goshen, Indiana.
Interviewed by Paul Weaver.

WTRC 1340 AM, Elkhart, Indiana. Interview by Paul Weaver and Gary Siebert, July 3,2006

WRHC-106.7 FM, Three Oaks, Michigan. Interviewed by John Smietanka, attorney on his program, “With Respect” January 17, 21 2007

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5-STARS Reader’s Favorite Anne B. D.
"Rudd Wise set a high bar with Operation: Eyewitness; he does it again in Amarillo Mariposa He brings his expertise as a professional treasure hunter to this tone. While this is only Wise’s second novel, his art reads like it was written by a much more seasoned author . . . . he takes time to develop secondary characters . . . . The plot is realistic; by using current events the author pulls the reader's emotions into the story. I look forward to reading more . . . . "

Laureen Fagan, Staff Writer, South Bend Tribune– June 30, 2005
“OK, so he’s not Indiana Jones and he doesn’t look a bit like Harrison Ford. But David Rudd Wise is from Indiana - - Goshen, specifically - - and hunting for buried treasure is how he spends a lot of his time. Wise has written two mystery-adventure novels drawn from his firsthand experiences and he was on hand at the Borders bookstore in Mishawaka to sign copies of Operation: Eyewitness and Amarillo Mariposa.”

Jami Snodgrass, Airleaf/Bookman Publishers & Marketing, Martinsville, IN
"In a thrilling sequel to his first novel Operation: Eyewitness, author D. Rudd Wise brings Jess E. Hanes and his adventures to life once more in Amarillo Mariposa. It is a riveting story of intrigue and adventure that you’ll not soon forget."

Writer’s Digest 12th Annual International Self-Published Book Awards, April 2005
"Amarillo Mariposa, the second in the Jess E. Hanes treasurer hunter series, is filled with interesting characters, brisk dialogue, and chilling suspense. Author Wise has created compelling characters and the reader wants to know more about them. The conversations between characters are quick-paced and important. In this second book in the series, the author’s growth is very apparent. Written in a more active style and with more developed characters, Amarillo Mariposa is a suspenseful read."

Victoria Freudiger, Editor. Digi-Tall News & Media, Plano, Texas
"D. Rudd Wise incorporates his own treasure finding experiences into this highly readable and exciting story. Faith centered and morally uplifting, the reader will find they have struck gold as they enjoy the continued adventures of Jess E. Hanes in Amarillo Mariposa."

Karen S. Pierce, Proof Reader, Wakarusa, Indiana
"The suspense was so real, I felt like I was in the plane crash, had witnessed the fuel truck explosion, and could feel the cold night mountain air. If you like to feel you are becoming a part of the action in the novel you’re reading, this Amarillo Mariposa is the book for you. Buy it, get some iced tea, sit back and ENJOY!!"

Lewis R. Wise, ABS, Houston, Texas
"You can officially claim Amarillo Mariposa as a heart healthy book! I read it while peddling on the stationary bicycle getting my exercise. Your research and writing experience definitely shows in your second book; much greater depth of the characters and crisper story line throughout with the nice twist at the end. Would appear you have left an opening for a continuation of the story in the third book?"

Carol Nusbaum Bristol, Indiana
"I told my friends the things that I learned from reading your books . . . . I’m getting a great education about other countries and the Texas border. Amarillo Mariposa fits into our current events on the front page of the newspapers concerning the border."

The Goshen News, Goshen, IN. June 29, 2004,
Section A-9, Accent South Bend, Century Center; Local author to showcase books at Expo For Women. March 13 & 14, 2009.

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WNIT-TV Public Television, Elkhart, Indiana.
Interview host Jamiee Thirion, December 13, 2006 to be aired January 4, 2007.

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